Rates and Amplifier

General Rates

    Below I have posted my standard wedding rates. Rates may differ according to the event such as private or business parties, reception music, anniversaries, funerals, background music for wineries and tasting rooms, music for seniors, restaurants, etc. Please contact me for a quote for your event, but generally speaking I perform at these functions at a lower rate than weddings, typically $60 per hour.

Standard Wedding Rates:

Wedding rates are more expensive because of all the time necessary to communicate with the bride and groom.

first 1 1/2 hours = $250 - minimum fee
1/2 hour after that is $40 (1/2 of $80 per hour)
After 2 1/2 hours my rates are $60 per hour 


     I can play acoustic in small settings or I can bring a sound system for $75. This is especially useful for amplifying multiple instruments, larger weddings or reception music after the wedding. If I am just playing guitar at a small wedding then I can bring a small guitar amp at no extra charge, or play acoustic without amplification if you prefer. I have a driving fee for over 30 minutes one way of $25 - I live in the Hood River, Oregon area.

Call Will Goldstein cell at 707 978-1486 voice/text to book music for your next event.

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